Trident Pharma

Trident Pharma

"manufacturer & exporter, ayurvedic / herbal products.", of High Quality


Trident Pharma

was established in 2007 and by 2010 had grown exponentially. Trident ayurvedic specialties have about 13 medicinal solutions for treating a range of ailments, body conditioning and nutraceutical. We are known for successful integration of traditional ayurvedic values along with modern technology in a quality controlled environment spread over 7000+ square feet.

Services and Key Offerings

Trident Pharma is a manufacturer and exporter of High Quality ayurvedic products. Our core expertise is based on our ability to procure and process sizeable quantities of Tablets, Powders and Lotions in our  state of the art manufacturing facility backed by a qualified doctor and pharmacist. 

Extraction Process
Production Capacity
Quality Assurance
  • Extraction Process

    Trident pharma converts traditional ayurvedic ingredients into modern pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical products by using extraction process and modern equipments. Our plant is equipped with 5 large decoction vessels and 10 large concentration vessels to process extractions in sizeable quantities under autonomous conditions.

  • Production Capacity & Quality Control

    Our aim is to improve product quality as described to match the current standards. The products manufactured under esteemed research and development work passing through strict quality control parameters, which ensure the quality of hygiene and purity of products. Currently Trident manufactures ayurvedic tablets, granules, ayurvedic extracts & ayurvedic lotions. Trident is looking forward to expand in other ayurvedic categories also.

  • Quality Assurance

    Herb authentication is a quality assurance process. That assures the correct plant parts used as a raw material for a ayurvedic medicines. The proper authentication for herbal raw material is critically important for safety and efficacy of ayurvedic herbal medicines. We assure the quality through identification and authentication of botanical, medicinal plants and raw herbs through processing till final packaging.

  • Hygiene

    We manufacture the ayurvedic medicines under strict hygienic conditions. Processes like vacuum hot air sterilisation, steam sterilisation, dry heat sterilisation and personnel hygiene with disinfectants are strictly followed for quality and safety purpose.

Our Team

All manufacturing activities are under the direct and expert supervision of qualified Ayurvedic Physicians and pharmacist.

       Ranjit        Datta

Managing Partner

Founder and Director of Operations.

Dr Yoshitaka Sugihara

Head of Research

A PhD of Pharmacology, Hiroshima University, Japan.

Dr Sandhya Doiphode

Technical Ayu. Dr.

B.A.M.S. from Pune University.

Mr Shashikant More

Chief Pharmacist

Pune College of Pharmacy.

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